iPods and iPads in the Classroom

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Are iPods in the classroom a distraction? Perhaps. Pencils - now those are real distractions - always having to sharpen them, kids throw them, they write inappropriate notes with them, they can use them to cheat, they poke each other with them, they get pencil lead stuck in their fingers, they steal them, etc. I think we should ban 'em. Now, am I trying to convince everyone to run out and buy ipods for all students? No, I'm not. I am suggesting, however, that they're worth exploring. This website will link to general information and educational apps for the ipod. I'll also provide some insight into my own experiences with using the iPod touch in elementary, middle, and high-school classrooms.

What purpose could ipods in a classroom serve? Are they worthy of being in an educational atmosphere? Will students become more engaged using a device like this? Be sure to check out Apple's iPod Touch overview.

Please see the links at left to help you use and manage the iPod Touch in your own classroom!

Here's a nice video of WCAV doing an interview in Fluvanna county, VA about their ipod touch program.

Another young man shares his thoughts (I'm not affiliated with him, am just intrigued by his thoughts):