Thinking about iPods or iPads...?

Are you thinking about weaving ipods or ipads into your classroom or school? Why? Will students be better off with these devices? What will they bring to the classroom that isn't already there? Have you got a plan for implementation? Have you considered the professional development needed for teachers to fully realize the potential of these devices? Have you created a classroom management structure? If your ipod go home, will you allow them to get onto a home wireless network? Once you've pondered the above questions, you'll be ready to dive in...

Here's an archived webinar on using the Ipod Touch in the Classroom (launches Elluminate). An article here from George Lucas Educational Foundation about iPods and reading fluency. Also, check out this collaborative Google Doc, sharing many ways in which iPods can be used in classrooms.

Be sure to check out an overview of iTunes U - universities and other educational organizations are uploading instructional content every day into iTunes. Teachers and students can access this content for free, load that content onto iPods, and have a huge, free, rich library of media anywhere the iPod will go! Click this link to launch iTunes and go directly to the iTunes U section to browse the content!

Schools/Districts implementing iPods

General information about iPods in Learning

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