iPod/iPad Classroom Apps:

First, my friend Harry Walker developed a great rubric for evaluating apps for ipods/ipads for classroom use. It's here: AppRubric.pdf.

Second, I've tried, in vain, to keep an updated list of "favorite apps" but it's such a moving target, it's nearly impossible. I've listed just a sampling of apps below to get you started. Be sure to check out this list, or go to Apple's listing of popular Education apps for even more. You should also know now that Apple offers educational volume pricing for iPod/iPad apps for classrooms. Click here for FAQ.

Radford University's Games Lab is writing apps specific to K-12. Be sure to keep an eye on Matt Dunleavy's group, as they are launching some incredible apps for augmented reality, and so on.

A few free educational apps to start with:

Basic Shapes (use to introduce ipods to K)
Library of Congress Virtual Tour
3D Brain
USA Presidents