Get Videos out of United Streaming and onto your computer/iPod

If your school / district has a license for Discovery's United Streaming, then you've got permission to download those videos out of the United Streaming website, save a local copy, and put those videos onto classroom ipods! Directions are below. If you prefer to just have students watch (stream) the videos directly on their iPods, you can use Discovery's special mobile web page at

To download and save in iTunes:

1. Visit the United Streaming website, and log in with your username and password. Navigate to the video(s) you wish to put on your computer or iPod.

2. Directly beneath the video preview pane on the left, choose Quicktime as the Download Type.

3. On the right side in the list of video segments, right-click the small filmstrip icon located to the right of the video you want, and choose 'Save Link As...' or 'Save Target As...' to save a copy of the video to your computer. Be sure to name it something that makes sense! Also, pay attention to where you're saving the file.

4. You’ve now taken a copy of the video “out of” United Streaming and made it available to use on your school's ipods!

5. Next, copy that file into your iTunes library. It's not in ipod/ipad format just yet.

6. In your iTunes media window, select the file you just uploaded by clicking it once.

7. Go to the 'Advanced' menu and choose 'Create iPod or iPad Version' (this menu item might also be called 'Create iPod or iPhone Version').

8. A minute or so later (depending on the length of the video), you should hear the iTunes confirmation beep, and your video is now in the ipod format. You can delete the original file you uploaded, since it is no longer needed.

Video tutorial here: