Classroom Integration and Management

Every teacher has his or her own classroom management style, of course. Students sometimes work as a whole group, sometimes in small groups, sometimes in pairs, and sometimes alone. Bringing the iPods into the classroom enriches each of those setups, and adds many more possibilities. Below are some suggested scenarios for incorporating the iPod Touch into the classroom flow. Many teachers like to buy microphones for their ipods. You don't need one mic per ipod, but a handful per classroom would be nice. Many people prefer these.

If you're using a whole set - one ipod per student - you should engrave them on the back. If you haven't already ordered, note that you can get Apple to engrave them all with one statement - "Property of _ Schools" for example, then just use a regular engraving tool to write serial #s or inventory #s on the back.

Keep in mind, the benefit of a mobile learning device so small is that students can easily keep these on/in their desks all day, and take them home. At points during the day, they can look up a word when needed, journal thoughts, use the calculator, work whole class with the teacher for short blasts of instruction/response. iPods in the classroom can help make every moment a learning one.

Individual Learning Devices
  • Student created podcasts/videos
  • Student publishing
  • Journaling/writing
  • Investigations
  • Collecting/Monitoring Data
  • Graphing
  • Audiobooks
  • Content-specific reinforcement activities
  • Enrichment with edu-games
  • Virtual Field Trips, Tours
  • Webquests
  • Personal Information Manager
Paired Activities (in conjunction with above)
  • Shared whiteboard space
  • Paired tutorial games
  • Oral fluency practice
Small Groups (in conjunction with above)
  • Student-created tutorials
  • Collaborative writing and editing
Whole Group (in conjunction with above)
  • Journaling
  • Writing prompts
  • Whole group formative assessment
Learning Stations (in conjunction with above)
  • Targeted activities around a specific theme
  • Integrated step in a project-based unit

Here's a great resource from Tony Vincent's "Learning in Hand" website - Classroom iPod Touches - Dos and Don'ts