Quick setup instructions for getting email on the iPad or iPod touch...

Typical School Email on iPod/iPad (check with your school-based technology person to be sure)

To check and send school email, follow the instructions below.

1. From the home screen of the iPod Touch, click the Settings app icon.
2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
3. At the top, click tap Add Account.
4. Select Other at the bottom.
5. Tap the 'Add Mail Account' at the top.
5. Click in the white area of the Name field, enter your first and last name.
6. In the Address field, CAREFULLY type your school email address: (jsmith@mail.school.org or whatever)
6. Type your email password in the password field.
7. Type a description in the Description field - School Email or something of your choosing.
8. Click Save.
9. In the Incoming Mail Server section, complete the following:
a. Host name: mail.school.org (details from your school tech person)
b. Username: jsmith (just the prefix)
10. Scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server section:
a. Host name: smtp.school.org (details from your school tech person)
b. User name: jsmith
c. Password: your school email password again
11. Click Save (top right)
11. You will be asked if you want to Connect Using SSL - this basically means your email is being sent unencrypted - not a huge deal unless you're sending personal or classified information. Click Yes.
12. Click Save at the top right.
12. Be patient - it will take a minute or so to verify.
13. You may be asked again to say Yes to the "Connect without SSL" question.
13. Once verified, you'll be at a screen to set a few options such as signature, etc. Set as you desire.
14. If you'll now go back to your home screen, click the Mail app icon, you'll start being able to send and receive your school email on your iPod Touch!

You can also add a Yahoo or Gmail account as well! Be sure to check with your school tech person if you need help.