Agenda Plans - subject to change!

onealchris on twitter and words with friends

1. Introductions
2. iSchool Initiative
3. Fluvanna Pilot and website
  • Lessons learned, etc.
4. Getting on the ISTE10 wireless
5. Get our weather set up multiple locations
6. Exploring the settings
  • Security
7. Rearranging and deleting apps on the ipod
  • Rearranging and deleting apps in itunes
  • New features with latest ipod touch software – grouped/folders
8. Poll4
10. Other shortcuts using Safari
11. Google on ipod
  • Setting up google account
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Gmail
  • Contacts
13. Maps on iPod Touch
  • Dropping pins
  • Saving bookmarks
14. Synching with iTunes
  • Music
  • Video
  • Converting video for itunes format
  • Apps
  • App Store
i. Best Apps for Ed Techie
  • ISTE Mobile
  • Google App
  • SimpleNoteApp
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote

ii. Multipurpose Apps
  • TripCase
  • Facebook
  • Twitterific

15. iPod as Remote Control (Air Mouse Pro, Remote (mac only), Hippo Basic)

Recommended Apps:
*Amazon's Kindle App
*Words with Friends (onealchris)
*Read It Later
*Osfoora (twitter client)
*This Day
*Gate guru (airport gate info)
*My Congress
*Free Books
*Speed Test
*Lose It
*Dragon Dictation
*Speak It
*icall (free phone calls)
*Glow Doodle
*5-0 Radio

Additional Resources:
Tony Vincent's "Learning in Hand" website
iPad Tips and Tricks