YouTube is blocked in many schools, but there are so many incredible videos worthy of classroom attention. The directions below are one way to get videos out of youtube and onto your ipod or computer. Please be sure to check copyright permissions with each video.

NOTE: You’ll need to do this from home, library, or in a location at which YouTube isn’t blocked!

Visit the YouTube website at Find the video you wish to show. Once you’re on the page viewing your desired video, you need to copy the web address (URL) of the video you want from the address bar in your browser. It should look something like:

Next, visit (This site allows you to convert lots of files from one format to another.) In this case, click the ‘Download Videos’ tab across the top, as seen in the screenshot below.
Paste the URL you just copied from YouTube in Step 1 below.

external image File?id=df8q9zvf_33d2kd6gcn_b

In Step 2, choose ‘ipod’ if you want to add this video to iTunes and get it onto an iPod.

In Step 3, enter your email address.Click convert in Step 4.

A short while later, you’ll receive an email that says your file has been converted. In that email, you’ll find a download link that will allow you to download the video as a file to take with you. Now, you’ve got that great YouTube video, but you don’t need to be online to view it, and you won’t have to worry that YouTube is blocked at school. You’ve taken a copy of the video “out of” youtube and made it available to use anywhere! Now you just need to take that file, put it in your iTunes library, and sync it to the iPod(s). Remember - you’ll have to do this process somewhere where YouTube/Zamzar aren’t blocked. You can then just save the videos onto a portable USB thumb drive and take them to school.

REMEMBER – YouTube does not do a good job of policing copyrighted material. Use your own discretion and best-judgment to determine if you have permission to show/use any downloaded video files.